February 28, 2017

Three Ways To Choose A Cattle Weigh Scale Indicator

When choosing a weight scale indicator, these are the top 3 factors you need to consider.

Scale indicator memory - Allows for storing an animal's weight along with their visual tag and/or electronic id number. After weighing your cattle, you can connect your indicator to a computer and download the weights into a spreadsheet or your herd management software.
Electronic ID (EID) reader interface - Connect an EID reader to your scale indicator for easy scanning and recording of electronic IDs as animals are weighed.
Advanced data storage capabilities - Record additional data beyond animal identification and weight, including such fields as pregnancy status, body condition score, or other notes.
Learn more about how to choose a scale indicator, or see a comparison chart of the models

A cattle scale system is not just a piece of livestock equipment, but it's also a piece of technology. Given the investment you are making in scales, it is important to ensure that you are getting the right scale system to accomplish your goals.

To learn more about selecting a Weight Scale Indicator please contact one of our scale professionals.

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