February 21, 2024

Electric Fence safety measures for Farmers

To ensure safety when using an electric fence, it is important to follow these important hints:
1. Do not remove the caution cover without the assistance of service personnel to reduce the risk of electrical shock.
2. Never electrify barbed wire as it may cause harm to animals that get tangled in the fence.
3. Use only "1 amp/250V" fuses for the fence controller. Using higher or lower amp fuses can damage the controller and void the warranty. If your fence controller has replaceable fuses, make sure to use the correct ones. If there is no external fuse holder, there is no fuse to replace.
4. Always disconnect battery-powered fence controllers from the battery before recharging it. Failure to do so may damage the controller and battery charger, and void the warranty.
5. Avoid running more than one fence controller on the same fence line simultaneously. The pulses from multiple controllers can be hazardous to animals and people, and can also damage the controllers.
6. Never modify the design of a fence controller or substitute components. This can be dangerous and will void the warranty.
7. Provide instructions to all individuals on how to disconnect a fence controller in case of an emergency. Post signs on electric fences along public roads or near residences.
8. Avoid disconnecting wires or approaching a fence during lightning storms to minimize the risk of electric shock.
9. Never connect an electric fence to other devices such as cattle trainers or poultry trainers. This can lead to lightning striking the fence and conducting to other devices, posing a risk of electric shock.
10. To reduce the risk of electric shock, AC line operated fence controllers have polarized plugs. Make sure to insert the plug into a polarized outlet correctly. If the plug does not fit fully, reverse it. If it still doesn't fit, consult a qualified electrician for proper outlet installation. Do not modify the plug in any way.
11. Do not connect a DC fencer to an AC power supply.
12. Always check the voltage of your fencer and fence line after installation is complete. The fence OK light will flash when there is power on the fence. The fencer OK light will continuously operate for continuous current fencers equipped with lights.
Please ensure to follow these safety guidelines to prevent any accidents or damage to your electric fence system.

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