June 12, 2017

Running 2 Electric Fence Chargers? What happens

Here is a great question for www.fencerfixer.com

I'm a professional fence contractor and recently installed a five strand hi tensile fence with top and bottom wires electrifed. We bought 2 of your Gallagher solar S22 electric fence chargers and hooked one to top wire and one to bottom. These wires never touch, cross, or jump each other anywhere. When I turn on one fence I have about 3.0 kv on the end of the fence, when I turn the other one on but other one off that one reads about same. However when I turn both chargers on either one of the lines go dead. Sometimes top wire is dead or bottom wire goes dead. So I unhooked on charger and jumped the two lines and had one charger power both lines and I got s constant 1.9kv on both. Why would this be and shouldn't I have a higher reading than that on a brand new fence?

The fence is made up of a perimeter of 5000' and there is a 4 paddocks going towards middle. I hooked up all paddock lines up to perimeter fence and each one just comes to and end in the middle. I'm wondering if my ground sets are too close. I have a set of 3 for each charger and chargers are about 50' apart.

Thank you!

Does anyone know the answer?

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