April 24, 2017

Powerful New Solars Designed to Control Both Livestock & Wildlife

S100 fence charger in pasture with cattle and deer

KANSAS CITY, MO – Gallagher has updated their popular Solar Energizer Line with two solar units that have greater output for extended distance ratings and technology to help customers manage both livestock and wildlife.

The S100 is the largest Solar in the line with 1 stored joule and the ability to power up to 30 miles / 100 acres of clean fence.  The smaller S40 contains .4 stored joules and can power up to 10 miles / 30 acres of clean fence.

Both the S100 and S40 units include "dual mode" capability to help ensure optimum battery management and animal control specific to the needs of the user.   The livestock control mode operates with a fast pulse during the day and switches to a slower pulse at night for when domestic animals are less active. The wildlife control mode, operates with a fast pulse day and night to ensure wildlife exclusion.   
The S100 operates on a 12volt battery, while the S40 relies on a 6volt battery. Both high quality batteries are capable of powering the units for three weeks without sunshine and the built-in smart control system in each of the units ensures that if battery output declines, the energy output will adjust accordingly until the battery is charged up again. Battery health is clearly visible via a battery status indicator.

Developed for temporary fencing, these models have a well-positioned 360 degree mounting point at their base that allows the units to sit on t-posts for correct orientation towards the sun regardless of which way the post is facing.  With a rugged waterproof casing and UV tested plastic body the S40 has a pedigree of long lasting, field proven design backing up its smart electronics.

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