June 22, 2018

Cattle Scales | Electronic ID Ear Tags (EID) make weighing livestock fast

The continuous need for improvement in management and production practices is contributing to the increasingly popular use of electronic ID/RFID cattle tags in the cattle industry. EID tags are small “button-like” tags that are placed in the ear. Each EID tag has a unique 15-digit number printed on it, and the number can also be read by scanning the tag with an EID reader. These tags are designed to last for the life of the animal.

An EID Reader can be connected to a any Gallagher or Tru-test EID-compatible scale indicator for scanning electronic ID tags and associating the EID with the animal currently on the scale. Many cow-calf producers appreciate the Bluetooth (wireless) connection with the scale indicator as there are no cables between the reader and scale indicator to get in the way.

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