March 05, 2015


Gallagher’s new Ring Top Post makes putting up temporary electric fence easier and faster.

The Ring Top Post’s sleek new design removes the age-old frustration of tangled pigtail posts, making it easier for producers to store, transport and set up temporary electric fences. Gallagher Territory Manager Adam Ross says a feature of the Ring Top Post is its distinctive ring-shaped head.

Made from heavy-duty, glass-fiber nylon, this head eliminates the risk of shorting and makes it much easier to handle and place standards.

“We talked to producers about what they liked and didn’t like about portable fencing and a common complaint about pigtail standards was that they were constantly becoming entangled during transport and storage. Producers were also frustrated about pigtail heads wearing through, resulting in shorting.”

Gallagher got busy designing a new temporary post that would overcome these shortcomings and provide an alternative to traditional pigtail posts. The Gallagher Ring Top Post was born.

The improvements don’t stop at the head of the Ring Top Post. The Ring Top Post also has a completely redesigned foot section to boost strength and usability. The foot of this post is constructed from over-molded glass-fiber for increased durability. This foot will withstand 440lbs of tread pressure and will not bend out of shape like a steel foot.

The blade-type design of the foot prevents the standard from rotating when raised, and its design again reduces the risk of standards becoming tangled and caught during handling and storage. An extended insulated section also provides extra strength and better handling.

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