October 03, 2014

Electric fence In-line strainers and tension springs

All hi-tensile fences should be installed with an in-line strainer in each wire in the fence line. This
device allows slack to be periodically taken up in the wires to maintain a tight fence. There are
several types available but all work on the principle of an in-line spool to hold excess wire. With
higher tensile strength wires, tightening of strainers may be required on a 3 to 4 year frequency.
Lower tensile strength wire such as the 170,000 psi wire may require annual maintenance.
Strainers should be installed in every fence or
one per 1/4 mile on fences longer than 1/4 mile.
If pulling around a bend, place the strainer in the
longer stretch. If each side of the bend exceeds
about 500 feet, place a strainer in each stretch.
On short stretches of fence, those less than 200
feet, it may be desirable to place tension springs
in the fence line. In a pasture situation this is
generally not necessary except in alleyways or
around watering points where stock pressure may
be high.

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