July 15, 2014

What is Holistic Management?

It’s a Whole Approach that Benefits You and the Land

Holistic Management® is a Whole Farm/Ranch Planning System that helps farmers, ranchers and land stewards better manage agricultural resources in order to reapsustainable environmental, economic, and social benefits. This “triple bottom line” of benefits can be achieved by maximizing the management of current resources. Whether land is used for ranching, food production or public land conservation, its health can be improved and its productivity greatly increased without large infusions of cash, equipment or technology. Holistic Management is a dynamic system, and in the truest sense, holistic — it can be evolved to incorporate new sustainable farming/ranching management and production techniques. (i.e. permaculture, organic methods, loss stress animal handling, wildlife management, keyline plow, etc. Advances in management techniques can be incorporated as well (i.e. marketing, business, and financial planning). Over 40 million acres of land worldwide currently benefit from Holistic Management practices. It’s a reaffirmation of our credo: People count, healthy land is essential, and money matters.

Discover the Four Important Cornerstones of Holistic Management®

Holistic Management practices allow land managers to guide the relationships between plants, soil, livestock, people, and water in ways that mimic nature, while addressing the financial aspects of these unique elements. The four cornerstones of managing holistically are financial planninggrazing planningland planning and biological monitoring.

Will it Work for Me and are there Risks?

Every farm and ranch is unique and Holistic Management enables you to deal with the uniqueness. While the principles are universal, the process requires you to manage for your situation using Holistic Management techniques tailored to your region, your land, your operation. Holistic Management minimizes your risk by providing testing and monitoring your progress – early – minimizing risk as well as guiding your success. When you manage holistically, you know how to manage your land and your finances to maximize your investment.

See Real-world Results

Read case studies from practitioners of Holistic Management and see how others have reaped the benefits.

Ted Talk

Allan Savory, recently gave a TED talk that describes some of the benefits of Holistic Planned Grazing and how this tool can help address some of the critical environmental issues we face at this time.

Be sure to check out our resources page for more information on how to practice Holistic Management.

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