September 19, 2019

Top Brands of Electric Fence Chargers to purchase

4 of the best electric fence chargers for your farm


We have evaluated many brands of electric fence chargers and energizers for you. Our staff has extensively tested many brands and came up with a the four energizers you should consider purchasing when building an electric fence or adding to your Electric fence on your farm.


  1. One of the best and most affordable fence charger is from The Cyclops  is a very functional model that packs a whopping 8 joules of power. The Brute is available in two forms. The AC powered model or the DC/12 V battery model.


The Cyclops brand of fence energizers are American made, affordable, and reliable. They’re available from two sources. and These are great units and will work well on anyone’s farm.


  1. Another reliable brand of fence charger is from Gallagher. Gallagher is very well-known for inventing the electric fence. The knowledge is unsurpassed and innovations in their products are constant. Gallagher offer several models from small pet and garden energizers all the way to very large ranch models. The largest model they make is the M10,000i which packs 100 Joules of shocking power. Models are offered in AC powered, battery powered, or solar powered units. A reliable all-purpose unit would be the Gallagher M800. It’s a very functional and reliable plug-in unit and is very popular in United States. If you’re looking for a battery powered unit Gallagher offers Dual Purpose models such as the MBS 200 which could be powered by mains, Battery, or solar power. A popular solar model great for smaller pastures would be the Gallagher S40. It’s affordable, reliable and built to last.


All the Gallagher units are available from either or  Both of these suppliers offer very competitive pricing free shipping and excellent customer service.


  1. Speedrite brand electric fence chargers are in excellent choice for many situations. Speedrite is made by Trutest from New Zealand. Speedrite offers the Unigizer electric fence charger. We have tested the speedrite 3000 unigizer and found it to be a very good fencer at 3 Joules of power. It offers an on/off switch, fast and slow speeds, and digital display. This is an affordable and durable Energizer and is available from


  1. Patriot Brand Fence Chargers are another popular option. The patriot brand electric fence charger is made by trutest. Trutest is one of the largest manufacturers of electric fencing in the world. What sets patriot electric fence energizes apart is some of the models are dual powered, meaning they can operate on 110 V or 12 V battery. These units are not unserviceable, waterproof, and made extremely well for tough farm and ranch conditions. One of the best dual powered energizers available is the Patriot P20. it sells for under $150 and is available from Patriot energizers offer a two year full replacement warranty. This brand of Energizer is certainly worth taking a look at.




For more formation please visit one of the websites mentioned or for all the information you’ll need for the best products at the lowest prices with the faster shipping available.

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