December 19, 2017

How much shock should I have in my Electric Fence Charger?

I have a M150 that I ordered end of April 2013 so it's now 4 years old. Have 40 acres of grass so that's about 1.5 miles of single strand fence with a cross fence also so no more than 2 miles of wire. Without fence connected, the unit shows about 5.1 kV. When I hook fence line up to it, goes down to about 3.4 kV and at the end of the wire it's 1.1 , so barely even a shock. We have sand, buy it just snowed and rained 2 inches. 4 galv ground rods in a straight line 10 feet apart apiece. Insulators are on top of wood posts. Is my fencer bad or do I have another issue. Been working on this for several weeks. Calves walk right through the cross fence.

sounds like a grounding issue or a short in the line... fencer should be above 60000 v unhooked. call Gallagher 800-531-5908 for tech service

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