March 02, 2017

Feral Hogs and Electric Fence | Gallagher Electric Fencing

We get questions and emails from property owners all the time about feral pigs and hogs and the need for electric fence. Here is one from this week.

I have a 2 acre homesite on a lake in Corsicana TX. Ferrel Hogs are an opportunity hear. I need to put in a fence to keep them off the property. The dimensions of the lot are 250' x 354'. We have a horseshoe driveway hence; two breaks in the fence will be required. Id prefer a solar powered system. Can you advise on the materials and quantities I'd need to assemble this?

This is our answer:

Got your Email and understand your problem... shoot as many as you can first.
Then if you need a fence, an Electric one is the way to go, but it is not a physical barrier, only a psychological one to the hogs... They will need to be shocked to understand where it is and stay away... but may still come in if hungry enough...
So there are so many choices its real hard for us to make a recommendation with out seeing to property.... Best off is buy our wildlife fence kit.... you will need to remember your driveways and make gates... but it is the best way to go.
here is a link.
hope it helps you.

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