November 06, 2013


GALLAGHER UNVEILS A NEW LINE OF FENCE CHARGERS Electric fence technology is taking another giant step forward with the launch of Gallagher’s i Series Fence Energizer Systems in North America. Featuring advanced fence monitoring technology, the i Series Energizers are another world-first for Gallagher and highlight ongoing commitment to solve the daily challenges of producers.“These Energizers deliver so much more information into the hands of the producer. It’s like having six people out on your farm constantly measuring the current and voltage of your fence and reporting the information back to you," said Gallagher spokesperson Mark Harris. Available in three models - M1200i, M1800i and M2800i - these new 110V Energizers are yet another example of Gallagher’s technology that is both practical and innovative. Each model comes with an Energizer Controller that enables the user to monitor the condition of the fence and performance of the Energizer. This controller can be used to turn the Energizer on or off, set alarm thresholds, and make adjustments to the target output voltage. The ability to locate the controller away from the Energizer – up to 160’ away, is a major bonus. Fence chargers are often hidden away in the back of a shed where they are not easily monitored and this can lead to uncertainty about whether saved pastures are safe or one stock class is being kept away from another. But a key advantage of an i Series Energizer is that the controller can be positioned in a separate more conveniently-accessed location where it is easy to view. Incorporating high efficiency components that deliver outstanding performance and livestock control, i Series Fence Energizers make it easy for producers to find and fix faults quickly and efficiently. Fence monitors compatible with the M1800i and M2800i units can be placed in strategic locations along the fence line, dividing a fence system into zones to make it quicker and easier to locate a fence fault. To improve functionality even further, i Series Energizers will soon have a large range of optional features, including an SMS Energizer Controller module that enables fence performance to be monitored and controlled from anywhere with cell coverage. This means if a serious problem with a fence is detected; the producer is notified immediately via a text message to their Smartphone. The ability to control the M1800i & M2800i Energizer remotely with a Remote and Fault Finder means producers don’t have to waste time returning to the Energizer to turn it on or off when they want to fix a fault. If you are at the back of your property fixing a fault, the last thing you want to do is drive all the way to the front of the farm just to turn the Energizer off. The i Series Energizers will give producers peace of mind that their fences are being constantly monitored for optimal performance. As well as ensuring consistent and high quality fence performance, the new Energizers will also have applications for property security. When connected to the optional alarm controller and SMS accessory products, if someone opens up an electrified gate or section of fence, the system will notify you straight away, even if you are away from your property. The i Series Energizers give producers confidence in the performance of their electric fencing systems. Good electric fencing is critical to the successful operation of any operation, so the whole aim of i Series Fence Energizer Systems is to give producers the assurance that their fences are doing the job they were put there to do. - See more at:

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