July 13, 2014

Protecting an Electric Fencer Charger / Energizer from Lightning

With all energizer installations, install adequate lightning protection
before constructing the fence.
1. Use a good surge protector on the utility power side of the energizer to
protect it against power fluctuations.Most energizers are damaged
from the power side, not the fence side.
2. Install a lightning choke in the lead-out cable. You can purchase these
or build them (Drawings 2 and 3).
3. Install a lightning arrestor in the lead-out cable that is connected to
the powered fence. Then connect the arrestor to the lightning grounding
4. Install the lightning protection grounding system at least 65 feet from
the energizer grounding system. The lightning protection grounding
system needs to be a more efficient system than the grounding system
for the energizer. Therefore, use at least one more ground rod in the
lightning protection grounding system than is used in the energizer
grounding system. Select sites for lightning protection grounding
systems with care so that a lightning strike does not go to ground in
the middle of a herd of cattle or where people are congregated.
5. It also helps to install ground rods and arrestors at permanent wet
spots along lengthy fences because wet soil provides an excellent
6. With multi-wire fences, be sure to connect all of the wires to the
lightning arrestors. The top wire is the first line of defense against
lightning damage.

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