Gallagher Smart Fence Kit + S20 Energizer + 3' Ground Rod


Gallagher Smart Fence  


Gallagher S20 Solar Energizer

and 3' T-Handle Ground Rod


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 You are getting an S20 Solar Fence Charger, 1 Smartfence, and a 3'  T-handle ground rod.

         Gallagher S20 solar fence charger Gallagher s20 solar fence chargers


  • gallagher smart fence kit shipped to your door in the USA.
  • Made to be connected.
  • Revolutionary, new all-in-one portable fencing system
  • Completely self contained; all you need to add is an energizer
  • Quick and easy to install and take down
  • Four-wire system, ten posts
  • Each: 328 feet long; approx. 36.5" high
  • Easy to carry and store; combines posts, reels and wire in one convenient system
  • Great for rolling terrain or flat ground
  • Perfect for
    • Creating a temporary pasture within a larger area
    • Divide pastures for more efficient grazing
    • Grazing animals in non-fenced areas
    • Providing a safer roadside grazing area (versus a single wire)
    • Quick patch for fence breaks
    • Fence off silage bale stacks
  • Recommended for containment of animals trained to electric fence
  • *Extra shipping charges may be required for Alaska and Hawaii 


Dimensions:  330' /  35.4" / 
Product Code:

G70000 + S20 + 3' Ground Rod

*Extra shipping charges may be required for Alaska and Hawaii 

Gallagher Electric Fence Manual Download

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