Gallagher S30 Solar Charger / 20 Mile / 60 Acre


Gallagher S30 Lithium Solar Powered Electric Fence Energizer

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The S30 Lithium Solar Fence Energizer is a compact, portable, fast-charging and long-lasting solar energizer that’s designed to put more power in your hands. 

Clean Fence: 20 miles / 60 acres​
Typical Fence:​ 4 miles​ / 20 acres
Stored Joules: 0.3 Stored Joules​​​​

A compact, portable, fast charging and long-lasting solar fence energizer that’s designed to put more power in your hands. An internal lithium battery, a highly efficient solar panel, intelligent adaptive energy control and robust construction come together to provide unparalleled performance and reliability. Protected with a 3-year warranty, the market-leading S30 Lithium continues to take portable electric fencing new levels. 

Solar Lithium Technology 

  • Lithium iron phosphate battery and high efficiency solar panel provide superior and continuous product operation, with a maximum output voltage of 9.3kV. All covered by a three-year warranty

Faster charging, long-lasting battery performance 

  • An internal heavy-duty lithium battery and a highly efficient 3.8W solar panel provide superior, long-lasting power on your fence line, day and night

Intelligent adaptive energy control 

  • Smart adaptive electronics are constantly monitoring the solar energy being stored, measuring it against the battery voltage and adjusting the output energy to ensure your fence is powered for as long as possible – even in the absence of sunlight

Protected circuitry and battery longevity 

  • Patented double-glazed solar panel and plastic enclosure protects internal circuitry and internal lithium batteries from extreme temperatures

Suitable for wildlife exclusion 

  • Long-lasting, higher voltage performance maintains fence power through the night to protect your crops and animals from wildlife or predators. Energizer pulse intervals reduces to 2.5 seconds at night to enable maximum output voltage without draining the battery

Portable power - designed to be easily moved around the farm 

  • Lightweight, compact and easy to install and move with an integrated carry handle, making it the ideal solution for strip grazing and rotational pasture management

Fence and Energizer performance at a glance 

  • LED lights indicate if the built-in lithium batteries is running low

Fully integrated, ready to use 

  • Simply mount on a suitable post and connect it to your fence and earth. Includes fence and earth lead, rechargeable lithium battery and solar

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