250 Gallagher Wood Post Claw Fence Insulators


Gallagher Wood Post Claw Insulator

10 Bags of Insulators

 250 Insulators in Total


  • The new W insulator from Gallagher has an impressive 25% increase in strength and a 35% increase in clearance from the post ensuring that wires will not detach from the posts even in the harshest farming environment.
  • Brand NEW design.
  • Bigger and stronger than ever before.
  • Large heavy duty shield prevents pulse arcing and minimises power leakage.
  • Large clearance from wire to post to ensure no power leakage.
  • Made from UV resistant, polyethylene plastic for strength and long life.
  • Extra strength jaws to withstand large horizontal and vertical forces.
  • Open face reduces adherence of dust and algae and minimise wire corrosion.
  • Note: Leave staple loose to allow for expansion and contraction of plastic.
  • 25 pack G67304

Dimensions:  48 (mm) / 1.9 (inch) /  90 (mm) / 3.5 (inch) /  34 (mm) / 1.3 (inch)
Warranty: 10 years
Colors: Black
Product Code: G67304

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