August 09, 2020

Solar Fencing Made Handy And Safe With Shock Box

Solar Fencing Made Handy And Safe With Shock Box
Ben Miller, owner of Buck Hill Fencer, has been helping Amish farmers utilize solar power to power fence chargers for 20 years. In recent years his Pasture Combo Shock Box has caught the attention of all farmers interested in using solar fencing in a safe and convenient way.
“It is very popular because a lot of people want to go solar. They have no power to go to their property,” says Caren Remsberg, who sells the box through Valley Farm Supply, the fencing, weighing and watering supply business she and her husband, JC, own. With the coronavirus there’s been a surge of people planting gardens and raising livestock for food, who need electric fencing.
“There is a huge demand for the Shock Box, which is a nice, all-in-one-box,” Remsberg says. “Ben designed them to work with the Cyclops Fence Chargers, though they also work with other chargers.”
The manufactured, UV-resistance wooden box has room for the charger, a 12-volt Deep Cycle Marine Battery and the solar panel controller. The solar panel attaches to the lid, and a metal U-bolt on the back secures the box to a 4x4 post.
The boxes come in four different sizes to accommodate solar panels that range from 40 to 80 watts. Prices for the Shock Box start at $400 (charger and battery are extra). Valley Farm Supply sells packages with boxes and different size Cyclops chargers.
Many states offer grants and funding for using solar, which can help pay for the units, Remsberg adds.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Valley Farm Supply, LLC, P.O. Box 198, New Providence, Penn. 17560 (ph 717 786-0368;;

January 26, 2020

Ranchers to the Rescue | Gallagher Sorting Paddle

Sorting Cattle is not for children, Next time call the cops.
We are very thankful for the relationships we have with our local ranching community. From providing cattle training to jumping in to lend a helping hand at a moments notice.

Gallagher sorting paddle

Prime example, yesterday Officer Jeremy Carabajal was dispatched to loose cows on Sandy Mush Road. Officer Carabajal arrived to the scene and found three cows roaming around in the road way. A valiant effort was made, but Officer Carabajal was unable to secure the cattle. A quick call was made to our good friend, Bob Erickson, and it was not long before Joey Cozzi from Dos Palos Y Auction arrived and stepped in to assist. Mr. Cozzi provided Officer Carabajal with an orange rattle paddle to persuade the cows to do the right thing! Not sure Officer Carabajal was doing it right but he still managed to corral the cows using a Gallagher Sorting Paddle, which is available from Valley Farm Supply

cattle sorting paddle

We’d like to thank Mr. Erickson, Mr. Cozzi and all the ranching community. Without our relationship with these amazing partners we would not have the knowledge and ability to handle these types of call’s expeditiously.
cattle sorting paddle

January 06, 2020

Grazing tumble wheels from Gallagher / Valley Farm Supply

I broke down and finally bought some Tumble wheels for winter grazing a circle of sorghum mix. I am grazing 116 head on a 1/2 acre per day.

I have to say they are easier than I thought they would be. Well worth the money.

Made one mistake though, I took my wife. She said since feeding only takes 5 minutes a day she had some projects for me around the house.

Click to see:   Tumble Wheels working



January 06, 2020

Tumble Wheels from Gallagher Electric Fencing | More Uses

Thought you might enjoy this pic. My husband normally feeds in the winter but he recently had surgery. No way can I handle bales (or driving the backhoe) to feed.
gallagher tumble wheels
Our son came up and lined up our 1 ton bales in rows for me to feed. I cut up an old tarp and covered the bales individually. Then I bought two of your tumble wheels. It’s working great! I break off flakes — just flop them over on the ground — and pull the wheels back as needed. The cows respect the line and seem to be quite content with this process.
From a customer in Montague, CA:

November 13, 2019

Electric Fence Maintenance Checklist

  • Look for and remove sources of "load." Mow or trim under bottom strand to prevent grass and weeds from touching the fence; watch for fallen limbs or other objects on the fence or caught in insulators. (Tips: Listen for the rhythmic snap that indicates a voltage leak; follow your ears to find the source. Drag a long stick on the ground beneath the bottom strand as you walk the fence-line; it may knock away an interfering object you don't even see.)
  • Check insulators. A broken insulator can allow the fence strand to touch the post--not an immediate problem with a nonconductive wood post, but if you're using steel T-posts a broken insulator can cause the fence to go dead when the strand touches the metal.
  • Check connections. Ground-rod wires can get knocked or kicked away. Wires attaching the cable to the fence may come loose.
  • Check the charger. A spider's web built between terminals can cause it to spark.
  • Check insulated cable. Look for places where the cable may be abraded, for instance where it passes through a hole cut in metal barn siding.
  • Check fence strands: Look for frayed spots in poly tape--if metal fibers in the weave become separated, tape can't conduct current.
  • October 03, 2019

    Agricultural Grants to build fencing and improve pastures

    Valley Farm Supply has all the products and items you need to improve your livestock or poultry operation. Let us help you select the best products at

    ag grant for electric fence

    Pasture Improvement Grants

    Grants of up to $2,500 are available for projects to help farms transition to pasture-based systems, expand animals’ access to well-managed pasture, and improve the quality of pasture. The online application deadline is 5pm CST on December 2, 2019

    Before you apply, please review the eligibility requirements below. To apply, complete an online application with information about your farm, proposed project, and project budget. You will also be asked to upload three color photographs that accurately depict the current state of your operation, including at least one of the animals the proposed project will benefit.

    Please contact Larissa McKenna, FACT’s Humane Farming Program Director, with any questions after reviewing these guidelines. 



    1.      Farms must be located in the continental United States and be working, independent family farms. These are farms on which a family or individual owns the animals, is engaged in the day to day management of the farm and its animals, derives a share of livelihood from the farm, and produces a livestock product for sale. If you are selected to receive a grant you will be required to furnish a valid Schedule F form or comparable form from your most recent tax return; this document is not required at time of application. If you haven’t filed taxes for your farm in the past but expect to do so for 2019 before the grants are awarded in February 2020, please note this on your application.

    2.      Projects must be designed to improve animal welfare by helping a farm transition to a pasture-based system, expand the animals’ access to well-managed pasture, and/or improve the quality of pasture.

    3.      Proposed projects must impact at least one of these species: pigs, broiler chickens, laying hens, turkeys, sheep, dairy cows, beef cattle, and/or goats.

    4.      Only one application per farm per year will be accepted. This means that farms should choose one grant category and may only submit one application total.

    5.      All proposed projects must begin and be completed within the time frame of February 2020 through May 2021. Projects that are completed before February 2020 are not eligible for funding.

    6.      If awarded a grant, farmers must agree to a scheduled farm visit(s) by FACT as well as flash photography and videos during the visit, and the use of the farm name/photos/video in FACT publications and websites.                                                           

    7.      Farms must already raise animals (produce-only farms are not eligible). Projects involving a new species of animals on an existing livestock/poultry operation will be considered.

    8.      Eligible expense categories include: materials, supplies, equipment, shipping/delivery costs, consultant/professional fees, travel, training, and hired labor costs.

    9.      No funds will be awarded to:

    • Farms that are in their first year of production or to non-profit organizations.

    • The purchase of animals (with the exception of livestock guardian dogs), land, or recurring expenses such as animal feed.

    • Projects related to the production of raw milk.

    • Projects related to the slaughter, transportation, and/or processing of animals.

    • Certification fees associated with animal welfare certification.

    September 19, 2019

    Special Savings for the Gallagher W110 Cattle Scale

    Buy Here and Save on the best cattle scale system for smaller farms and ranches.

    Save loads on the Gallagher W110 Digital Weigh System this month!

    Looking for an easy-to-use digital weigh system for livestock and general-purpose weighing? Order today and get the great deal on the Gallagher W110 Weigh Scale System. The pack includes weigh scale indicator, mounting bracket and loadbars.

    W110 scale by Gallagher

    Check out our website today and take advantage of the savings!

    September 19, 2019

    Top Brands of Electric Fence Chargers to purchase

    4 of the best electric fence chargers for your farm


    We have evaluated many brands of electric fence chargers and energizers for you. Our staff has extensively tested many brands and came up with a the four energizers you should consider purchasing when building an electric fence or adding to your Electric fence on your farm.


    1. One of the best and most affordable fence charger is from The Cyclops  is a very functional model that packs a whopping 8 joules of power. The Brute is available in two forms. The AC powered model or the DC/12 V battery model.


    The Cyclops brand of fence energizers are American made, affordable, and reliable. They’re available from two sources. and These are great units and will work well on anyone’s farm.


    1. Another reliable brand of fence charger is from Gallagher. Gallagher is very well-known for inventing the electric fence. The knowledge is unsurpassed and innovations in their products are constant. Gallagher offer several models from small pet and garden energizers all the way to very large ranch models. The largest model they make is the M10,000i which packs 100 Joules of shocking power. Models are offered in AC powered, battery powered, or solar powered units. A reliable all-purpose unit would be the Gallagher M800. It’s a very functional and reliable plug-in unit and is very popular in United States. If you’re looking for a battery powered unit Gallagher offers Dual Purpose models such as the MBS 200 which could be powered by mains, Battery, or solar power. A popular solar model great for smaller pastures would be the Gallagher S40. It’s affordable, reliable and built to last.


    All the Gallagher units are available from either or  Both of these suppliers offer very competitive pricing free shipping and excellent customer service.


    1. Speedrite brand electric fence chargers are in excellent choice for many situations. Speedrite is made by Trutest from New Zealand. Speedrite offers the Unigizer electric fence charger. We have tested the speedrite 3000 unigizer and found it to be a very good fencer at 3 Joules of power. It offers an on/off switch, fast and slow speeds, and digital display. This is an affordable and durable Energizer and is available from


    1. Patriot Brand Fence Chargers are another popular option. The patriot brand electric fence charger is made by trutest. Trutest is one of the largest manufacturers of electric fencing in the world. What sets patriot electric fence energizes apart is some of the models are dual powered, meaning they can operate on 110 V or 12 V battery. These units are not unserviceable, waterproof, and made extremely well for tough farm and ranch conditions. One of the best dual powered energizers available is the Patriot P20. it sells for under $150 and is available from Patriot energizers offer a two year full replacement warranty. This brand of Energizer is certainly worth taking a look at.




    For more formation please visit one of the websites mentioned or for all the information you’ll need for the best products at the lowest prices with the faster shipping available.

    June 26, 2019

    Electric Fence Demo Day to be held in New Jersey

    We recently purchased a large amount of Gallagher fencing  for our try before you buy fence lending program. Our program has been extremely popular and we are pleased to offer local farmers the opportunity to try new equipment. We are looking forward to our upcoming grazing demo day.  We want this day to be an opportunity for people to see the latest and most modern supplies offered.


    North Jersey Resource, Conservation, and Development (RC&D) Council is joining with local business and farmers to host a grazing demo day from 9am-12:30pm at Lima Family Farms in Hillsborough, NJ. We will be discussing temporary fencing, rotational grazing, and seeding with local farmers. To learn more about the conference visit


    We hope you’ll join our estimated 50+ attendees by partnering as a sponsor. Your support of the conference will connect you to our growing community of farmers and agricultural educators .We are setting aside 30-45 minutes during the event for participants to meet and talk with sponsors. This is an opportunity to show case Gallagher fencing equipment and supplies, so attendees can take advantage of Gallagher electric fencing products and services.

    June 05, 2019

    How to design and build a Deer and Wildlife Feeder Fence

     Gallagher Feeder Protector Fence can control the unwanted thieves like raccoons, wild hogs and livestock, while allowing only the deer and turkey access to the feeders. All for less than the cost of wire panels! If you are planting supplemental food plots, the use of a Gallagher Food Plot Protector Fence will control ALL species until the crop is well established and at its optimum stage; then with a slight modification, the deer and/or turkeys are allowed in and all other critters are kept out. All for 1/4 the cost of a high fence and all portable and reusable for years!